Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boston Day 1

This past Friday, September 2nd, I took a trip with my parents(those super nice people who still take me on vacation with them) out to Boston to visit my brother who goes to Tufts Dental School there. I took 336 photos, but I only edited and uploaded 59. Eventually I might get around to doing more, but seeing as I don't have a nice editing program that can batch edit, I have to do them all one by one, and that's just tedious.

I'm going to split the trip into three posts because otherwise it will become super post and no one will ever read it all.

So Friday morning we had to leave at about 4am, also known as way too early. Our takeoff was really awesome because there was lightning, then we rose above the clouds and it was so calm and turning warm colors from the sunrise. Then we flew into some big, fluffy clouds and it started raining. When we arrived in Cincinnati we almost missed our connection, but we made it to Boston and Andy met us at the airport.

For some reason my parents were very anxious to get me on the subway and using the public transportation in Boston. I think they believed that I'd be very shocked, but I use the bus system in Grand Rapids so the idea of public transportation doesn't bother me much. Boston transportation was a bit more confusing though since its a large city and I had no idea where anything was, but overall I didn't mind it.

After we stopped for breakfast and took a nap(our family has a strong belief in napping) we headed downtown to Tufts Dental School. Andy showed us around part of the building and took us into one of his labs where they practice drilling, fillings and other dental things. He showed us his creepy practice head, teeth he's already done things to and all his tools. And then the best part, we got to use the high speed drill.
[Andy putting together the practice head, which has a jaw that fits onto that silver thing and then a fake face goes over it...]
[It looks like he's screaming, probably for good reason.]
[One of the teeth he performed a silver filling on]
[Doing dentisty things]
[Sweet glasses man]
[He was really proud of this box because it has "D.M.D." after his name]
[My dad's turn drilling a tooth]
[My turn]
[...almost my turn]

[Some fancy dentist lab that my family calls the Space Lab]
[We're cool.]
[Some pictures of the city from the top floor of the dental school]

After visiting the dental school we went back to Andy's place to kill some time before a Redsox game, also to get some pizza. One nice thing about Boston is the large amounts of restaurants everywhere and since you have to do lots of walking, you can just walk off all the food you consume. We got some pizza from a place called McGoo's Pizza, and they had a special on called "The McGoosta Special"; which reminded me of an internet meme so I thought it was funny, but none of my family got it, and probably not many people who read this will get it either...

Generally I dislike baseball. And by generally, I mean I basically avoid it as much as possible, but being at an major league baseball game was pretty sweet. Sports are always so much better live. The Redsox were playing the Rangers, and they lost horribly, 10-0. I still enjoyed myself, and even got a free baseball, woohoo.
[Baseball players way down there... I only have one lens and this is as far as I can zoom with it...deal with it, or buy me a larger lens]
[Since I could only zoom so far, I took pictures of whatever]
[Apparently that green wall on the right is called "the monster"]
[I wanted a picture of this sign again when it got dark, unfortunately I took it right when nachos came on]
[Andy pointed this one out, the Ranger's player's name is Blanco and he had no picture haha]
[This is a photo of the three most annoying people I saw while in Boston. Three bros who drank large amounts of beer, barely watched the game, and talked endlessly about many topics I would have rather not overheard. Eventually a father with his 7 year old son yelled at them for being rude and inappropriate, I wanted to give him a high-five.]

And that was day one in Boston. If you would like to view any of the pictures in a larger size you can check the set out here on my Flickr account.

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