Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boston Day 2

My posts about Boston are in reverse order so make sure you start with Day 1! If you did, then ignore this and keep reading...

Saturday after sleeping in and having my bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast we headed to the Museum of Science.
[Big T-Rex outside the museum]
[some spacey thing]
[Cool probability thing]
[This was called "The Drunk's Walk" and somehow it has something to do with math]
[A wall of famous mathematicians, I feel pretty nerdy since I recognized over half of the names]
[T-Rex about to chomp on some museum visitors]
[Moony things]
[Thumbs up for brushing your teeth]
[Finally a set of teeth Andy can work on]
[Model of people building one of the pyramids.]
[One of the Naboo ships from Episode 1 that appears to never have been dusted]
[African watering hole model]
[More watering hole]
[I love this picture.]
[Model of everyone's favorite game: Oregon Trail]
[Model ship]
[Model ship of the Santa Maria]
[Triceratops skeleton. Another photo that I really like]

After the museum we went to Chinatown to get some serious chinese food. The place we went to made excellent chicken fried rice and I ate a large amount of it. It was so good, all I want to eat now is fried rice, but I'm not that good at making it, so I just have to suffer without. We also walked around where some of the shops are located, got myself a stripped shirt, I have a soft spot for stripes. 

Next on the list was going to The Cheesecake Factory for...well, cheesecake. Actually I don't like cheesecake, so I got this chocolate cake thing that was super filling and the slice was huge. It took me three days to finish it. While we were sitting outside near the street this large, black Escalade pulled up. We could see a driver along with some people in the back and there was a guy who went in to get a table, then came back out and stood around the vehicle. We figured it was going to be some famous person since they had a driver and some guy "guarding" their vehicle. We waiting a long time for them to get out of their car and my brother had his camera phone ready, but it just ended up being some mother and daughter who could have fit in anywhere, it was upsetting, no famous people...
[Mmmmm, cake]
[Some people taking wedding photos in the middle of the street]
[Sunset from our table at The Cheesecake Factory]
[Stoplight and some walkway]

My brother lives next door to a bar, and on our way past it I finally saw a famous person, to make up for the fakeout we suffered through earlier in the night. Rod Stewart was sitting right by the open windows near the street. I didn't take any pictures because I would have felt rude and awkward.

Yet again if you want to view any of these pictures in a bigger format feel free to check them out here on my Flickr account.

Link to the post of Day 3 and 4.

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