Friday, August 19, 2011

Fooled You

So I may have posted about an hour ago, but when I got done I decided I wanted to take some late night pictures. The place we are staying at is right next to the property owner', and they are apparently landscape gurus because their property looks awesome. They have tiered sections leading down to the lake with rope lights, lamps, stone paths and other fancy things. I turned the lights on and took some pictures, and it worked out pretty well.

I'll post all my favorites first, then everything else:

[Pretty dang nice huh?]
[Not perfectly in focus, but it was dark, and slightly windy which made the rose move a bit too]
[Rocks lit up by the ropelight run along the bottom of them, kinda cool]
[Cool firepit thing that I don't know what it's called. Also, looks like I took this during the day doesn't it? Well I didn't! Long shutter photography is awesome]
[Same picture, but done in black and white with my trial tone mapping program, hence the watermark]

And now here is the rest. Not my best work, but some were just fun shots, or shots I took the time to edit so they are getting posted anyway.

[Took this at about 9:30 pm, you would never know if I didn't say anything]

[Ropelight going through some bushes, kinda cool]

[Those yellow flowers that seem to be everywhere]

[Tried to have some fun with the lamps]

[Found a frog on my way to turn the lights back off. He was afraid of nothing and didn't move an inch the whole time, what a trooper.]

[So this photo was a total accident, I started taking the picture but I was falling over and so the camera moved while the shutter was open and I ended up with this. It looks like some sort of funky painting, so I kept it.]

Alright, I'm seriously done for the night.

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