Monday, September 26, 2011

Mother Nature is Bi-Polar

This morning I woke up to one dreary day. There were wet leaves all over my car and it looked like I was going to get drenched at any moment. I own an umbrella and a rain jacket, but I still drove myself to campus instead of walking to the bus. I just really hate getting the bottom of my jeans wet, and the more walking I'm doing outside, the worse it will get. I swear this is a phenomenon that happens only to women. The bottom of our pants get soaked, and yet somehow guy's pants stay dry. Men, what is your secret?

Anyway. It was a nasty looking day. Apparently it poured while I was in class, so luckily I made it to and fro class without a single rainy incident. Then I went home and made myself a gourmet lunch, aka grilled cheese. Have I mentioned that I make awesome grilled cheese? Because I do. Then I sat around watching some netflix. Next thing I know I look outside and it's sunny and beautiful. Where the heck did that come from?

Upon seeing how nice the day had become I decided I had to get out and do something. I was torn between going disc golfing or going out to take pictures. I really wanted to go disc golfing, but I also really don't want to go alone, so taking pictures won. As per my usual strategy I headed to a local park. This time I went to Millennium Park, which is a pretty dang big park in Kent county, with lots of trails.

Here is what happened: (Reminder: all my picture are now also links to the images on Flickr so you can enjoy them in a variety of sizes, wahoo!)

[I really like this grass stuff...whatever it's called.]
[Fall is coming! I love watching the leaves change]
[Today I tried to work on some new things. Like taking pictures of larger subjects.]
[Another attempt. Meh. I'm not very good at landscape stuff yet, I have a hard time visualizing a good composition. Plus my 18-35mm lens isn't the best for landscapes.]
[Obviously someone can't read signs]
[Road less traveled? Got creepy farther back, I didn't go]
[One of those oil things... Kind of a blah composition, what do you think?]
[Reflection of that oil thing. Also not how I feel on this one, tell me your thoughts]
[Dead leaves. Close up. Yep]
[More of that grassy stuff]
[Some more incoming fall]
[Some other kind of grassy thing]
[Head of a dead flower. Spiky]
[More grass. Composition sucks, but here it is anyway]

I had a much better day taking pictures than last week when I went out. There was more color and in general more interesting subjects. Like I said in one of the image's comments, I tried to work on some landscape shots, but it wasn't really working out. I am discovering it is much harder to manually focus a landscape shot versus a close up of a subject. On top of my attempted landscape images having lame compositions some were out of focus. I guess I'll just take it as a challenge and keep working on it.

Not much was different about my shooting style. I shot only in aperture mode and with manual focus. I am really loving manual focus. Unfortunately it's hard to focus some subjects when they are farther away, but the creative control is worth it.

I have been playing around a bit more with my editing. And by a bit more, I mean I've added one other step to my editing. I'm slowly but surely learning more cool editing techniques. Sadly I have to work harder than the average individual because I am an extreme minority and I don't have Adobe Photoshop. Almost all articles and tutorials about editing use photoshop so I have to learn how to adapt it to the program I have.

Basically I need a lot of money. I need another lens, preferably one that is 55mm or larger. And then I would love to have Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I would also like a wireless shutter remote.... And a new computer with dual monitors... I could also do with a puppy....

Speaking of puppies: (warning: cutest thing ever.)
That's the same breed of dog as my first dog, Moose.
Too. Dang. Cute. I NEED one.

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