About Me

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica and I am 25 (at the time of writing this) and amateur photographer from west Michigan.

Photography is my passion, but I'm a statistics major, so alas, it is but a hobby.
I'm from a small town and I was fairly tomboy-ish as a child so I grew up hunting, fishing and camping with my father and older brother.  Now I spend majority of my time playing video games, disc golf and doing a variety of other nerdy things along with college and work. I enjoy Legos, laughing, drawing, Star Wars, reading, making weird faces and all around having fun.

[Check out my bass.]
[Yoda backpack I purchased on my latest trip to Disneyworld. I was 21 at the time and I am not ashamed of A.) going to Disney at that age and having a great time B.) buying that awesome backpack]
[One summer I was a camp counselor and for a cabin contest my campers dressed me up as Princess Leia, it was awesome]
[Kind of a crappy picture but that is me after high school graduation holding my favorite person ever, my dog Moose. He was the grumpiest, cutest, best dog I could have asked for. I miss him greatly.]
[Look at that adorable grumpy face.]
[Sleeping on my sleeping bag on a camping trip.]

I basically made this blog to give myself an outlet to show off my photography. By having a medium to share my work it motivates me to keep active and improving in my hobby.
More information related to me and photography can be found in my Intro Post.