Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boston Day 3 and 4

This post is about my trip to Boston, but there are three posts and they are in reverse order so make sure you go back and read Day 1 and Day 2! If you already have don't listen to me and keep on reading.

I decided to combine day 3 and 4 together because we didn't really do much those days and I didn't take many pictures either. After two days of having to walk to a bus stop, then to the subway, then all over the city to your destination in the heat, we got pretty tired and didn't do much.

Sunday we went to church, which was held in hotel. I thought it was pretty weird that they could get away with a full band in a hotel and not having people getting upset about the noise...but somehow it works out. Then after lunch and yet another nap, we went to the harbor for a boat tour. I took quite a few pictures on the tour, but not that many of them turned out well. It was pretty foggy which made my pictures look kind of ugly and since I only have a 18-55mm lens I couldn't zoom in very far to get better shots.
[Andy asked to see my camera, and this happened]
[Fort Independence]
[This picture is really blown out, but I like it.]
[This is an old psychiatric ward on an island in the harbor which was where the movie "Shutter Island" was based]
[Father, son and their beers]
[The USS Constitution, the oldest warship still in commission. Next time I go to Boston I'm touring it, it looks so awesome]

Monday was our last full day in Boston. We went to the Tufts University campus which is on the edge of Boston. We walked around there for a bit, then headed back into the city for lunch. We went to a brewery called Rockbottom where I got an awesome steakburger. We also visited an old cemetery inside the city. It is where Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Samual Adams and other revolutionary war people are buried. Unfortunately they were planting new grass so the ground was all tilled up and there was caution tape everywhere.
[Majority of the gravestones had skulls on the tops, it was weird, but cool]
[New grass seed is serious business]

Then finally Tuesday was take off day. Which started out nicely when the alarm clock's time was set wrong and we woke up an hour early. And then our taxi which was supposed to pick us up never came and we had to walk to the taxi stand. I did get a call from the taxi company about 40 minutes late saying our taxi was coming...
[Puddle jumper we took from Chicago to Grand Rapids]

View any of these pictures larger here on my Flickr.

The trip to Boston was a lot of fun, even with the heat and lots of walking. Since I took over 300 pictures my camera got a lot of use. I refuse to use the Auto setting on my camera, I prefer to use Apeture or Manual setting so I have more creative control, and I got practice with both this weekend. I also played around more with auto and manual focus. The auto focus on my camera always seems to pick the weirdest spots as the focus and so I often switch to manual to get things how I really want it. Not all of my pictures from this trip are masterpieces or artsy creative, but I'm working on it and I look forward to more practice.

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