Friday, August 19, 2011

Ducks! ...and stuff

Sadly something has happened to my excellent storytelling ability and I don't have much to say for this post. But then again this is a photography blog so pictures are the main point, so I can get away with some lame text (hopefully).

So without further ado; ducks!:
[This duck was pretty shy, but no duck refuses free bread]
[This duck was cool, it got really close to me as I stood in the water feeding it. But I was kind of afraid it'd get super hungry and attack me... revenge for all the times I played Duck Hunt as a child or something.]
[My favorite]

The only other thing I photographed today was for my mom. (That really kind, awesome person who bought me my camera, she's so nice) Anyway, now that my brother and I have moved out of the house the time has come to redo our rooms. My brother's old room is getting turned into some sort of nautical/fishing theme. My dad owns an old, wooden waterski that he refinished along with an old fishing reel he cleaned up that my mom wanted some pictures of. She wanted it to look old fashioned. My dad found a cool looking boathouse on someone's property, and luckily no one appears to be staying there right now so we sneaked down there and took some shots. I couldn't get even with the stuff we were shooting so the images aren't perfectly straight, but I was slowly sinking in lake sand while standing in the water trying to take the shots, so give me a break.

Let me know if any of them are good. They might be easier to view on my flickr account since you can view them at larger sizes, or even view them with the slideshow tool: Waterski Set

[I think this one is my favorite]
[This one was tone mapped on a program that is a trial version, that's why it has the watermark.]

[This one was also done with the same program, but I used the preset option for grunge, thought it was kind of cool]

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