Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally, Vacation

I'm finally on vacation for the first time since last year May. I'm only gone for three days, but it's excellent.

Last night I went down to Pentwater's beach to watch the sunset. It was really beautiful. I quickly discovered that I am dumb and the autofocus option on my lens is really easy to use, I was just really impatient last time I tried to use it. So I turned autofocus on, but then for some reason I turned it off, and forgot that it was off, so quite a few of my pictures were slightly out of focus. I'm dumb.

But here are some pictures from last night. None of them are overly awesome, I was just trying to enjoy the night, not too worried about taking masterpieces.

[This was my favorite]
[the colors aren't as intense in this one, but I like the cloud]
[Colors in this one are awesome]
[So I have this thing against people who think they are artistic just because they tilt their camera when they take pictures. Which I'm not saying it can't be, it's just when people think it's the only way to be artistic and they do it all the time, it bothers me. My boyfriend joked with me to do it.....and then I ended up kind of liking this shot... but I only took one, so it's safe. Right?]

Yay, vacation!

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