Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First attempt at street photography...Meh.

Tonight I went downtown to a free music event in Grand Rapids called Blues on the Mall. I met my cousin and her husband down there and decided it would be a good time for me to attempt street photography. Actually I don't even know if this really qualifies as street photography, but whatever, it was practice of some sort.

I didn't feel too weird having a camera strapped around my neck because quite a few people had cameras. Granted most people had tiny little point and shoot cameras, or the cameras in their phones, so mine was a bit bigger than the average. I was trying to force myself to take pictures of people, yet I was afraid to have them notice me doing so. I ended up not taking very many pictures, but hey... it's a start.

[this dude was just dancin' it up all night, he was pretty hilarious to watch]
[Biker dude and wife thought he was funny enough to take videos of on their phone]
[Some shirtless guy joined in on the dancing fun, sadly all my shots of them dancing didn't turn out, so here they are hugging...aww. Also while editing this I noticed the couple kissing in the background... oops]
[Guy in the red: the hair on the top of his head looks real right...?]
[Speaking of hair....this dude... I just don't even know what to say about the bald-hawk. I also noticed that, thanks to the angle of this shot and the woman standing behind this man, it makes him look like he has quite the rack...haha]
[Some woman trying to keep the sun out of her eyes, her family saw me trying to take a picture one time, I got scared and waited until they all walked away to try again]
[I thought the reflection of a building in another building was cool....Buildingception.]

None of my shots today were any masterpieces. I was more worried about being inconspicuous than taking super excellent pictures. Ironically my lens has an autofocus option, which seems like it would make taking pictures easier, but apparently I'm dumb because I can't get it to work right, my shots with autofocus on were actually not in focus at all. I had to work the rest of the night in manual focus and I wasn't doing so hot at quickly adjusting it and I missed a few cool things, but learning! Basically today was more practice of getting over my fear of having people seeing me taking pictures, especially of other people.

Tomorrow I'm going on a mini vacation to a beach town and hopefully I'll remember I own a camera and get some stuff while I'm away.

To all you Star Wars fans, I saw this today and thought it was awesome:

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