Monday, August 15, 2011

Traverse City

At the time of this posting I'm staying in Traverse City on vacation. My family rented this excellent house on a lake. It has the most intense landscaping ever and it's pretty excellent. Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures of the place before I leave.

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went into town to do some things. First we played some disc golf at one of the local courses. Normally it's a ski area in the winter so it was fairly hilly, but I enjoyed it overall even though I wasn't playing well and got slightly grumpy. My impression of the place probably improved when I overshot a 361 ft hole, making for the longest drive I've done so far. It may have been a shot downhill, but I'm counting it anyways. Then I finally got a birdie on the last hole with about a 160 foot approach around some trees that miraculously went in the basket. Sadly there are no pictures from that because the prospect of carrying my camera along with my disc bag along a hilly course and having to stop to take it out every hole/shot sounds tedious and I'm just not that ambitious.
But after the disc golf we drove up the peninsula to the Old Mission Point Lighthouse.

[The lighthouse]
[View of the entire lighthouse]
[Lee walking out into the lake. I would have liked to join him, but my camera stays on dry land, so I just creeped on him from a distance]
[Looking at something]
[Some girl out in the water]
[Hey, Rocks! Yeah!]

Next came water skiing:
[For some reason we let Andy drive the boat]
[My brother slalom skiing]
[Falling! haha]
[Dad water skiing]

So there is the beginning of my vacation. Sadly I didn't get any pictures from today, like when I beat Lee at mini golf. Or when I went to an old mental hospital that has been converted into shops, businesses and housing, creepy, yet pretty sweet.