Monday, May 28, 2012

The Great Bobber Hunt.

Due to an unfortunate series events, all caused by work, I was unable to take my usual May fishing and camping trip with my dad. In lieu of our weekend extravaganza we just went fishing Sunday evening.
Sadly the fishing was not all that great. I usually catch the most fish, but this trip resulted in about 5 catches for me and only a total of six bluegills worth saving.

Warning: Fish story and fish jargon incoming. I promise there are pictures in this post somewhere.

Although the fishing left something to desired it was an eventful evening none the less.
First my dad lost two lures, either through the line being bitten off, or the line coming untied. Both of which are rare events.
And then we started fishing with strike indicators. (Note: strike indicators is the technical term for bobbers, because we're fancy in this business)
On one apparently over zealous cast I lost my bobber, hook and weight. We keep those items tied on with a different type of line than what is kept in the reel, for technical fishing reasons I don't totally know, but with a solid flick of my wrist I managed to toss it right off. So we then had to troll out after it so that I could grab it out of the water.
And then it was my dad's turn. Except this time his line separated when he went to set the hook and so his bobber was floating out there with a fish attached to the other end. So we quickly tried to go after the bobber, but the first few times we got close the fish got scared of the boat and swam down and I was unable to grab the bobber. Then my dad was trying to snag it with another pole and hook. Finally we got close enough and I snatched the bobber, but when I pulled it up the fish pulled down and the line slid out the bobber and he got away...
Then I had yet another event of having my bobber line coming off...which resulted in more bobber hunting.
So after 3 bobber/line mishaps we stopped using two different types of line. But of course by some other fluke we had one more bobber incident where the bobber just came off, we have no idea how...
Probably the most ridiculous fishing I've ever experienced, but it was fun. Probably more fun for the pontoon boat who was close enough to watch us.

Picture time:
Biggie McFish 
[The mighty bluegill... He squirmed a lot and made it really awkward to hold him, my fishing pole and pose for a picture. 
Note: fishing, the only time I wear a hat, because according to my dad it's required.]
[The man who taught me everything I know about fishing]
[Mom and pop swan. The one on the left has 4 babies on it's back]
[Double Loon]
My sunset colors got a bit overdone but I'm still working on my photoshop skills... and after about half an hour of fiddling I gave up for the day.

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