Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doggy Day

I get to spend part of my weekend watching this adorable face:


My neighbor is gone for the weekend and I get to take care of his two dogs while he is away. This wonderful long haired dachshund is named Pepper. She has a sister from another mister, a hunting dog named Mossy; she is some type of Spaniel but I'm not sure exactly what kind. 
So far watching Pepper has been the most fun. Mossy isn't a big people dog, she gets out of her cage and is off running and sniffing at an alarming rate. Pepper is the best because she tries to keep up with Mossy and it's amusing to watch. I had no idea a dog with such tiny legs could ever run so fast. She also enjoyed sitting with me, getting belly rubs and trying to lick my face constantly.
I hope my neighbor doesn't mind if I just come walk her occasionally for the fun of it because she's irresistible.

[Pepper looking around for Mossy who's off somewhere in the woods. Hunting wabbits probably.]

While the dogs played I took some time to snap a few other shots.
flower DSC_0014

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