Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Desk Days

I've had a pretty boring past two weeks. Majority of my free time has been spent sitting at my desk, watching Battlestar Galactica, which is awesome.
But other than watching too much netflix all I've been doing is working and studying for my actuarial exam, it's a pretty uneventful existence.
I haven't had much motivation for taking pictures. Forced myself to go outside and take a few today, but after a few snaps I promptly deleted them all and came back inside.
Then I was sitting at my desk bored, as usual, and snapped a few things while just sitting there.
Nothing special, but kind of a view of what I stare at every day.

[Applejack and Stormtrooper, they keep me company.
Sadly you can't see my Luke Skywalker Lego pen...]
[Large collection of "pill" magnets lined up on my desk]
[View from the window next to my desk. I tried to focus on the screen. Something unique I guess.]

Good news on the camera front, I'm saving up to get a new camera lens. And by new camera lens I mean I'm buying a used lens because I'm cheap/poor. Now that I'm done racking up college debt I figured I could set a little bit of money aside each week and save up for a new piece of gear. 

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