Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finally Hip.

Yes, I am finally hip. I got my license for Photoshop CS5 on Thursday night.
For all the hype I've been going on about with this program, I've only used it twice.
You see it's spring break and so far I have spent my "vacation" time working. Working around the house, working for my parents, working closing shifts many nights in a row at my actual job. I've been left with little spare time and motivation for any activity other than looking at videos of cats jumping into boxes and sleeping.

I need a change of scenery to get my photography going again after my winter slum. I want to use photoshop more but I don't feel like working with any of my old photos, I want new things.
Luckily I leave for Boston soon. I'm flying out Thursday afternoon. My first time flying by myself, I'm super excited.
Step one when I land in Boston: Eat some fried rice from a restaurant in Chinatown. Seriously, I've been looking forward to that part of the trip for months. Step two: Take pictures of things. Many things.

In other news...
I got a new necklace the other day, I decided to splurge and buy it; need to show the world I can still be girly and wear jewelry. I had worn it to work today, and I decided I'd try to take a picture of it while it was still on. Slightly more difficult than anticipated; I had to go into the bathroom so I could turn on the LCD screen, view what I was doing and try to get it in focus. My success rate of a decent photo was about 10%. Even with the difficulty of taking the photo I'm pretty pleased with the composition.

Here is the image, edited in my newly acquired photoshop. Yay!
new necklace
I gave it a vintage style edit and added some grain. I'd appreciate comments with thoughts and opinions on it.

Now it's time to charge up my camera's battery and finish packing. I've got vacation to attend to.

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