Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rockin' DoF

I went on an adventure this past Sunday and ended up stopping at this little cherry farm with a store that also has an awesome garden labyrinth. I'd driven by the place before and always wondered what it was, then I saw an aerial photo, discovered how awesome it was and finally checked it out.

But I took some photos of a few different plants and flowers.


I am super happy with this picture. First off, I didn't have to do any editing to it. I tried a few different things, but I always just reset it back the original and was really pleased with it. Also I finally got depth of field right. I usually have my dof too small and have parts of the subject out of focus that I'd rather actually have in focus, but for once I didn't use the minimum aperture and got a nice picture.

Here's the aerial picture of that labyrinth:

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