Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slightly Inspired.

Posting Sunday and some general perusing of other photographer pages that I follow inspired me to look back to some of the photos I've stashed over the summer. Even with multiple folders full of pictures I only found two that I felt like editing. I've been feeling real sub-par with my photoshop skills lately. I tend to set my standards for myself too high, and when I (not so) surprisingly don't reach them I get angry at myself, which has led to a rather low desire to do any post processing.

But here are two photos from a fishing trip my family took to Crystal Lake. The first one I tried various techniques but the fish just didn't want to color properly, so then I tried black and white and was rather pleased with the results. The second image I took while the boat was in motion, trying to get a blur effect from the waves. Overall the picture itself and the editing I feel are rather meh, but that picture wasn't exactly cooperating with me either.

[All hail the might perch...]

I also need a new blog layout so I can increase the size of my pictures. These wee little pictures just aren't cutting it.
Who knew trying to keep up this photography blog could be so frustrating.

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