Monday, April 16, 2012



This is an image from an afternoon I spent photographing ducks for a local photography contest for wild birds. It was my favorite picture from the day. Although I have changed my mind and no longer plan to enter the contest. Birds are a very difficult subject and require more time and equipment than I have.
Not to mention I have more important things to worry about like my last two weeks of college. Ever.
But photographing ducks was a lot of fun, although slightly scary. There were many, many ducks and they really aren't afraid to get close.  

I am trying to start taking photographs of at least one thing a week to keep myself active. This week I picked a pink, blossoming tree in my parent's front yard. I figured a shallow depth of field shot with the sun in the background would be interesting. I also spent some time working in photoshop trying to learn my way around a variety of adjustments.
I'm pleased with the results.
[Edited image. All pink and lovely. Click to view it larger and in more glory on flickr.]
[Original for comparison.]

Perhaps you noticed I had no idea for a clever title. Exam season tends to drain one's creativity. And life.

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