Friday, May 27, 2011


Yeah, I'm still alive. I have been pretty busy since my last post with classes ending, working 40 hours a week again, trying to have a social life and disc golfing on the few nice days Michigan has provided. If you haven't noticed, the weather hasn't exactly been "go outside" friendly lately with all the rain.

I also got slightly burnt out after entering that photography contest. I had to rush in order to find flowers to photograph and then print them and make mats. With all that running around in parks looking for flowers, I basically ran out of ideas for subjects. So far about all I have done is gone to parks and taken pictures of stumps, leaves, flowers; naturey things. Granted these are some of my favorite subjects, but I need a change of pace and practice with other things. After about a month I finally have some plans. As soon as the weather cooperates with my days off I plan to get snappin'.

But his morning I took the usual memorial weekend bass fishing trip with my dad. He and I just snapped some shots of each other's catches. None of these images are all that stunning, but I figured that after a month without posting I should put something up, and this is all I've got.

[Second cast of the morning, a good sign]
[Wonderful shot of me awkwardly fishing up my first bass of the day. Please note how excellent I look in a camo hat, hooded sweatshirt, my work jacket and jeans that are falling apart. Fishing is classy.]
[More class.]
[A fine catch by the dadster]
[Is that a bass caught by a strike indicator? Why yes, yes it is. By the way, strike indicator is real fisherman jargon for bobber.]
[We are so pro that we can catch bass when we aren't trying to catch bass]
[A real monster fished up from the depths of the lake...]

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  1. The last pic looks like the 'monster' he caught with our boys;)