Monday, April 25, 2011

Flower Mania

Well I finally found the name of the pretty blue flower I took pictures of yesterday. Somehow Lee figured out that they are called "Lesser Glory of the Snow". Unfortunately I don't think they are native to Michigan, which wouldn't make them valid entries into the contest, but at least I have a name for them now.

Luckily the weather cooperated with me again today and I went back to the park I've already visited twice to get some pictures of that creepy red plant I found once before which turns out to be a wildflower called skunk cabbage... Apparently all the wildflowers were hiding out at this park because I found four different kinds.

Yet again I would like you to help me pick some favorites:

Broadleef Toothwort (Lovely name right?):

Skunk Cabbage(even lovelier name...):

Grape Hyacinth:

Trout Lily:

I updated my Flickr wildflower set to include these images as well. I also took out all the uncropped versions of the pictures I took yesterday. They were just taking up room and I probably wasn't going to pick any of them anyway.
So here is a link again to this set of images:

Comment here or on Flickr to help me pick my favorites!
My favorites so far are the first blue flower in my last post; six and eight on this post. But that's just me.

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