Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh boy... more parks.

The fact that it is still cold out has really put a damper on my creativity. Since I like to take pictures outdoors and there aren't any flowers, leaves or anything green growing yet I'm left with trees and stumps basically. I don't quite feel comfortable enough to just wander around in downtown GR with my camera, or anywhere else where there would be lots of people. I would like to give light painting or night photography a try, but again it's pretty cold and I'd rather not be out late at night freezing my fingers off.
So in light of all that I went to yet another park on Sunday night. This park is actually a series of nature trials right next to a summer camp. I decided to go later at night in hopes that I could try sunset images again. Since I failed to scout out the park beforehand I quickly discovered that the park was next to a large valley which was taller on the other side and didn't make for the most impressive landscape. Also since it was a nature trail park there were many trees and it was difficult to get to the edge of the valley to get a picture or to get a shot that wasn't 99.9% trees.

While walking along the trails I did find one little tree/plant that's leaves had managed to hang on all winter. I had to get some pictures of this trooper.
The top two are my favorite, actually the middle one is because there is more contrast... But I also edited these two to make them black and white, also pretty excellent.

Now here is the sunset through the extremely large amount of trees in the park. Again, not the most impresive images but since I went out with the intent of getting sunset pictures I might as well include what I have, regardless of the level of not awesomeness that they are. The two silhouette ones are kind of cool, I like how you can notice the color changes in the sky... or at least what little bit of sky you can see through all those trees. The third image isn't the best, but the sunbeams are alright.

Lee was kind enough to tag along with me on Sunday to take these pictures. I'm glad he's willing to go, I feel less awkward taking pictures when I have someone with me. Maybe it's just because I like having someone to talk to. While we were walking along the trails we found a really big tree that had fallen over and while I was attempting to get some pictures of the unearthed roots (none of which turned out, bummer) Lee climbed onto the base of the tree. I told him he could stay up there and I'd take some pictures of him. We quickly found out one thing: I would never cut it as a model photographer. I've never really done portraits before so I didn't know how he should stand. When he asked me what to do, I just told him to do whatever he wants and I'll just take pictures. He then asked me if I should be saying things like "work it". I did say it, although I was laughing and I highly doubt that it was convincing. Needless to say I apparently need some work doing portraits and learning how to interact with the people I photograph. (If you want to be a victim of my attempted portraits let me know, I need the practice)
So, here are some "portraits":
Black and white:

Flickr link for this set of photos: Indian Trails Park

Do you like laughing? Do you like butter? Do you like Paula Deen?

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