Friday, March 11, 2011


Today was another beautiful day. I'm really hoping winter is done, I'm enjoying seeing majority of the snow gone. Not that the ground underneath the snow is all that beautiful right now...but it will get green and nice again. I was down visiting my boyfriend today at his hometown and he took me to an old, abandoned golf course. Apparently first the area was a golf course, but then that wasn't working out so they made it into a disc golf course, but then people kept stealing the baskets and so now it's just nothing. Lots of disc golf courses have problems with people stealing baskets and I want to know what the heck they do with those things? I just don't get people who ruin things for others...what jerks.

Slightly funny story time: So if you read my previous post you'll know how excited I was about playing around with HDR images. In my excitement I emailed my dad some of my pictures to show him my handiwork. And here is his response: "Well, this just proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When I first got into photography I would go out and get pictures of stumps, rivers, rocks, etc. Your mom thought I was crazy because there were no people in them. I think you will find black and whites of the stump to be as interesting as color though." I am most certainly my father's daughter, I'm all about nature pictures like he is. Also before I read his response the following morning I decided I wanted to play with my images more and I actually made one of the images into black and white, so I cracked up when I read his comment about the images being just as interesting in black and white... because I totally agree. He also told me that I should use a lens hood in order to not get sunspots on my images like I did in some on Sunday. 

Anyway. Pictures, that's what this blog is here for.

This is just a landscape shot of the lake on the course. The old clubhouse was nearby so I'm guessing this was near the first hole. It looked like one terrible first hole. Kind of a dog leg right around this lake which was down a pretty steep hill so if you slightly messed up your shot, you were done. Perhaps everyone failed at this first hole and left and that's why the course didn't survive...
Yet again I took all my shots today in aperture mode and using my dad's advice I used a lens hood. This shot I did with a larger aperture in order to get more detail. It wasn't high enough apparently because it doesn't have as much detail as I would have liked. This shot was also taken in RAW so that I could tone map it. Tone mapping is the process that makes HDR images like in my previous post. This process can be done with a single RAW file versus taking three JPEG images at the three different exposure levels.
This was a dead tree that looked pretty sweet. Then when I looked up I noticed you could see the moon behind the tree so I grabbed a shot of that. I wish that other tree wasn't creepin' down in the right corner, but whatever. I also tone mapped this image, and my trial program places a watermark on the image. Also when I got home I noticed that I apparently had a piece of dust or something on my lens so you can see the blurry shadow of that in the upper left hand corner... oops.
This was an old piece of farm equipment or something that someone kindly left out to rust and therefore create some cool images for me.
Here is that tree from on of my earlier shots. I saw this dead tree sandwiched by two live trees and just thought it looked cool.
The black shadows around the edge of this shot were unintentional, but it actually turned out kind of cool. The effect was created by my lens hood.

As always check out more images from today on my Flickr: Abandoned Golf Course Images

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Funny thing!: If you think all this news about how crazy Charlie Sheen is funny then you will love this auto-tuned song: Winning!

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