Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Post Something.

As per the usual I'm slacking on getting out and taking photos, which results in less posts. Of course the usual excuses apply: college, work, general life junk. Oh and it's getting cold outside. I'd like to say "I promise I'll get better at taking more photos!", but I know myself too well, it won't happen yet. Just in a slump.

Anyway. Today I went to a local graveyard to try something out. I had taken some pictures at this place before with a 35mm camera during my B&W film class, and I wanted to see if I could get the images to look the same if taken with a digital camera. Well of course that didn't work out because none of the stuff I photographed before was there now. So I just found a few other things to photograph. Not too many pictures as a result of my work today, but better than nothing. Did spend some time trying some different editing styles though.

[This image and the next one are the same, just different editing. I think I like this one more.]


[Same image again, but in black and white with a grain applied]

[Same subject, different shot... a little better composition than the first one]

[Previous image tonemapped. Watermark because its a trial program. Deal with it]

[Cool wreath]

[Cute little bear statue]

[Some other wreath]

[Trying to keep practicing  taking images of larger subjects...]

Comments, criticisms, whatever. Leave'em.

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